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Glen Standridge has been plagued with being too fat for 55 plus years.  After recently discovering that there is a way  to lose the fat and keep it off.  He decided to continue with his research and share his findings with you, his friends and his readers.

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Here is a little personnel background on Glen

Like everyone else, he was born somewhere. It just happened to be down south. ‘ Nuffin rong wiff dat I spose.’ As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by my attempt at a sense of humor. His family moooved and moooved and moooved again. They moved so much that a person would believe that they were running from the revenuers. The revenuers is what the ATF (alcohol, tobacco and firearms) guys were called down south in those days.

Going to school was a little difficult ( I don’t recommend this experience for anyone). In spite of the moving and changing schools so much, he managed to blow right through high school. With an average of 4 different schools a year he graduated from Bealington High, Bealington, West Virginia.  After high school, he joined the US Navy.

Glen went to Avionics and Electronics School at NATTC, Millington, Tennessee (that’s right outside Memphis). After graduating from electronics school, he was transferred to New Iberia, Louisiana. That’s where Tabasco Hot Sauce is made.

He spent about a year compartment cleaning and mess cooking there. Wow, all that newly acquired education going to waste. Then he was allowed to work in his chosen field for a little over a year before the end of his tour of duty.

In an attempt to get him to initiate a ‘shipping over’ agreement (extend enlistment), one of the Chief Petty Officers realizing his failure to convince Glen asked,  “Just what do you want out of the Navy?” After pointing to himself, he replied,  ”Me.”  You guessed it, he got out while the getting was good.

A few years later, after driving for a van lines contract driver Glen wound up in the Chicago Land Area, where he met his wife, Valerie, with whom he has spent the last 50 years.  The following year he got married, a few years later he started his million dollar family (a boy and a girl). Really great kids (now really great people).

In 1973 he became a real estate broker.  In 1974 he opened a real estate office, Glen Real Estate.  

A few years later while attending a real estate convention in St. Louis, Missouri,  he met a guy that had left the Chicago Land Area, during a real hot real estate market and moved to Florida.  Glen asked him, “Why did you move to Florida”? He replied, “Have you ever heard of anyone having a heart attack shoveling sand?”

Eventually the realty market got really bad, so a change was made. Glen closed the realty office and started a repair/remodeling business. He fixed other peoples’ goof ups and learned a lot about remodeling.  He took the electrical contractors exam, received a license and then rewired a few houses, he was and is still a great electrical trouble shooter, after all he was an electronics technician in the Navy.

After a couple decades it got hard to keep up the pace, he still loves doing it, he just doesn’t have the energy.

In 2001 he and his wife moved to the ‘Greater Las Vegas Area.” Henderson, NV.  He has been in Henderson almost 15 years.  Miss Wreck-a-bitch, the kitty, shares the house with the 2 of them.

An occasion once remembered, he asked his wife, “Where would you like to go on vacation?” Her reply was, “I am on vacation.”

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