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Things have changed with how we go about losing excess fat weight loss these days. That’s of course if you are savvy and know about the modern fat loss diet and are not still stuck in the old ways of losing weight that we have practiced and mostly failed at for the last thirty to sixty years.

Get your metabolism humming to lose the weight you want to.  You may have already heard that a mysterious thing ‘metabolism’ is the solution for losing excess body fat. Yes and it can be controlled and manipulated to a certain extent to work for you (rather than against you) and help you get your slim body back. Metabolism refers to the rate at which one’s body burns fat.

Everyone wants it to be quick and easy, but fat loss doesn’t happen without some planning and some effort. I know what you are thinking.  What is this person talking about? The fat burner ads, the belly slimming devices, the exercise equipment, the latest ‘fad’ diet, the happy smiling people on the videos, shown dancing and jumping around, what does that show?

What does a proper fat loss program look like?  For the last few decades losing weight was all about restricting food intake and adding lots of low intensity long duration activities in the hope of forcing our body to use up its fat stores. We have all been conditioned by the billion dollar weight loss industry to believe that it was all about losing, and not about keeping it off.

Stop thinking and start doing your exercise program.  Many people over think things. They think too much and do way too little – not just about exercise either – about everything. The biggest reason (excuse) gym owners hear about someone not getting started on their exercise program is “I need to think about it”. What exactly is it you need to think about?

A food journal writes your way to successful weight loss.  Writing down everything you eat in a food journal can double your weight-loss success and help you keep that excess fat weight off permanently as well. It is actually harder maintaining your weight than actually losing it so all the helpful tools we can use is a good thing. A recent study of 2000 overweight people found that most of them had lost considerable weight over and over again.


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