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A lot of us are interested in the best way to lose fat but there are so many different opinions both from fitness professionals and from people (know-it-alls) who know nothing about the subject putting their two cents worth into the equation.

Most of the time, it’s hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff. What food to eat (or not to eat), what exercise to do and of course we always want the fastest way to achieve our weight loss/ fitness goals.

With as many as two thirds of Americans in the overweight category to one degree or other, we have become vulnerable to the snack oil peddlers in the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry.

I do not want you to become a casualty in this sea of never-ending confusing diets and  exercise regimes.  Losing excess weight (body fat) or maintaining it if you are already in good shape is not that difficult when you have the basic foundations firmly in place.

My way is not a quick fix. But it works and the best part of all is that it is easy to make these changes over a period of 3-6 months. Then you have the basic foundation that will lead you to that strong, slim, fit body that we all would
love to live in.

Many overweight people are finding that despite improved eating habits and adding more activity into their lives they simply can’t lose weight. There are a number of metabolic processes contributing to this and when you address them the weight will begin to disappear. Maybe you are one of the two thirds of us in the world that is in the ‘overweight’ category, stuck or trapped in a too heavy, feel-bad body. You may even feel that your body has failed you and let you down. You know somehow you need to find the motivation to lose weight.

Could diet burn out be causing your inability to lose weight?  If you have been unkind to your body in your attempts to lose weight both with your eating and exercise habits you could have been working against it and overstressing it. If you are guilty of being on and off ‘fad’ restrictive diets and excessive long duration, low intensity exercise activities you may have damaged your ability to lose weight.

Our waistlines are widening but we are all in denial about the dangers of being overweight.   In our looks-obsessed society, many people believe that being overweight is just an appearance issue and not a deeper medical issue where it can seriously affect a person’s life. You could call the “I’m fat and it’s okay” mentality as a negative reaction to the modern fitness/weight loss/looking good movement that tends to put how we look at our health in jeopardy.

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