May 072012

I knew that the weight loss industry is big, $60 Billion seens a little much.

There was one complaint about a reporter said thad Adel is a little fat.  It’s no surprise that she is if she is ohe of us humans.  If you are a citizen of the USA you are expected to be a victem of the fast food industries’ casualties.

I have noticet that just about all the fast food joints are opting for a lower fat friendly menu.



I just jumped off Carolyn Deans blog,  She was the one complaining about the reporter yapping about Adel’s weight problem.


Just thought I would mention her because she has a nice looking blog and a fairly nice read, go check it out.  This is about allI have to comment about it currently.   You know how it is, I can open my big mouth from time to time.

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